Review English – It ends with us / Colleen Hoover

Review English – It ends with us / Colleen Hoover

Review 🌷

238 pages | @colleenhoover 

Hello, today bring the review of the book is so just, which was written by my author favorite Colleen Hoover.

Childhood Lily wasn’t easy, she suffered trauma that marked his life to this day, but even so built his personality.

She grew, became a successful woman who knows well what he wants of life. And his life would well, until one day at the top of a building your life just crossing with charming neurologist Riley Kincaid.

Gradually Lily and Riley will forming a life together, but a love of the past Lily’s just back and then your relationship with Riley is put proof. ⠀ and then begins a story that is far from being a simple cliché.


🌷I would like to stay for me sorry, but I write this here crying. Crying a lot. I knew the extent that this book would me cause when I read it, and I delayed because knew it was going to hurt, knew it was going to hurt my heart, and hurt .. very !!

hurt because this is the kind of book that puts in check everything you always believed, everything you always thought. Everything you never understand. Is a book only, not lie when I say that is the book better writing, painful and at times I stopped … breathed and cried. ⠀ cried by Lily, cried the Atlas, but I cried very also by ryle. Cried by all because at all times I put in their places in their positions, as if I did part of that puzzles and it just me impacting too. Is a book that certainly will me Mark for a lifetime, which creates marks on the soul unable to dispose.I could tell it all, but I can’t and not want. I want you reader feel what I felt, if you put in place of them, and only then so, you understand the because of such thing you always thought it would, may not be well attitude that you would take read! Please … read! Don’t tomorrow, not here to a month, or a year. Get started now and you understand all feelings that I am narrating.

note: when I wrote a few days ago I thought the pain was pass, but she never goes … no Meanwhile exist in the world.

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